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Lee & I met a few years ago (1991). 


HE was selling t-shirts that he designed. We both lived in Alaska. He had been on America’s People with his long-time friend, Kim Wannamaker…but lost to some drooling, snorting cows…(“America’s Funniest People”, C’mon. How does this even happen?!)

When he was in college, he worked with Special Olympics and then knew it would be a life-long job. He got his masters in Health Care Administration and continued working with special needs people for his ENTIRE career.

SHE met him while he was selling his incredibly clever “Cool Salmon” t-shirts and fell in love.  She had crafted and drawn and been creative all of her life and design called to her.

When He met SHE, they knew they were destined to be together. They both loved Jesus and they both had Design Chemistry!

This was in 1991. The rest is (you know what goes here.)